25 Insane Reasons That The Spartans Were More Hardcore Than You

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From birth they were taught to fear nothing. These are 25 insane reasons that the Spartans were more hardcore than you.

25. At birth, Spartan infants were examined for physical deformities before a council, and those who did not pass the inspection were left to die in the wilderness

24. The infant would usually die of exposure to the elements although occasionally it might be rescued by strangers

23. The children that made it did not have it easy though. To make them strong infants were given baths in wine rather than water.

22. They were also ignored when they cried and taught to never fear darkness or solitude

21. At age 7 Spartan boys were taken from their parents home and began the agoge, a state sponsored program meant to turn them into fearless fighting machines and responsible citizens

20. Housed in communal barracks the young soldiers were taught about warfare, hunting, and athletics

19. At age 12 everything was taken from them, except for one red cloak. They were then forced to sleep outside in the cold.

18. Food was intentionally kept scarce and the boys were even encouraged to steal

17. If they were caught, however, they were flogged severely.

16. Just as all Spartan men were expected to be skilled soldiers, all Spartan women were expected to give birth to Spartan men that would eventually be those skilled soldiers.

15. Therefore, just as the boys went to through training in military tactics and fighting, girls went through their own training regimen of athletics and mental preparation to make them strong for motherhood. As it was said…only Spartan women could give birth to Spartan men.

14. Unlike the boys the girls were allowed to stay with their parents

13. Many subjects taught in the agoge were normal subjects like writing and reading but as you have already seen, there was a vicious aspect to the training.

12. Hazing and fighting were encouraged among the boys

11. Theo was designed to make them immune to cold, hunger and pain, both mental and physical.

10. Boys who showed any cowardice or fear were ridiculed and taunted

9. The only profession a Spartan boy could hope for was to be a soldier.

8. In fact, their military duty could last until the age of 60

7. Sparta’s manufacturing and agriculture were left to lower classes and foreigners, of which many were slaves.

6. One of the most brutal events awaiting Spartan youths was the “contest of endurance” in which the boys were beaten and flogged to test their resistance to pain. Those that died were considered weak.

5. When men completed their training at the age of 30 they were expected to marry. Women were expected to marry at 20.

4. Marriage was seen primarily as a means of producing new soldiers.

3. The ultimate disgrace was surrender.

2. To better illustrate the Spartan mentality, women were known to send their sons off to war with this phrase – “Return with your shield…or on it”

1. According to law only two classes of people could have their names written on their tombs…woman who died while giving birth and men who died in combat

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