Epic Announcement Marks One Small Step For Man And One Giant Leap For Pup-Kind!

By now, most of us have seen the heartbreaking images of dogs locked in tiny cages that are destined to be brutally slaughtered and sold as meat.

While we still have a long way to go in the war against the cruel dog and cat meat trade, we now have some wonderful news to share. In an amazing victory for animal rights activists as well as the creatures they fight for, Taiwan’s legislature has not only explicitly banned the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat, but it has become the first Asian country to do so.

Though the consumption of dog and cat meat isn’t exactly widespread in Taiwan, it’s encouraging that the ban may influence other Asian countries to follow suit.

The legislature has also amended Taiwan’s animal protection law to double the maximum penalty for animal cruelty to two years in prison and a fine of what amounts to $65,000 USD.

Anyone caught eating or selling dog or cat meat will be fined about 250,000 Taiwan dollars ($8,000 USD) and might have their names and photos published. Drivers and motorcyclists caught pulling animals on a leash will also be fined up to 15,000 Taiwan dollars ($500 USD).

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