In-law's new kitten.

20 responses to “In-law's new kitten.”

  1. DaddyMcMuffin says:

    You’ve finally found a reason to visit your in-laws.

  2. ArcticEwok says:

    He looks like Tard before he lost all hope in life and humanity.

  3. Iamwhelmed says:

    *Badum dum dum.*

  4. ArcticEwok says:

    I was aware of that, but thanks anyway 😉

  5. wasitsomethingisaid says:

    I am siamese if you please … I am siamese if you don’t please

  6. halshing says:

    Please, don’t hurt me human. You won’t like me when I’m angry

  7. InkyBrush says:

    Well, its actual name is Tartar Sauce if that helps.

  8. puffsdangerfield says:

    OMG THOSE EYES!!!!!! I…..I think my soul just cried…..

  9. ArcticEwok says:

    Oh damn! I always forget Tard is a she…I guess the name Tard just doesn’t sound very feminine to me.

  10. wasitsomethingisaid says:

    I am looking over my new domicile. If I like I stay for maybe just a while :)

  11. Cthulhukitten says:

    OMG, YES!

  12. FrictionShliction says:

    *Imgur’s new kitten.

  13. AndThereWasAFireFight says:

    My brain is now weaving some elaborate story about how Tard was the happiest little kitten that slowly lost all hope.

  14. cobain1983 says:

    dem googly eyes !

  15. Tuttle says:

    Tard before the accident.

  16. Coelacanth0794 says:

    Obligatory: She*

  17. Sillyplace says:

    Pixar do your work.

  18. Ayaka says:

    That’s it. After years of becoming a crazy cat lady, this is the cat I will hunt down and steal to claim as my own.

  19. FuckYourSentimentalBullshit says:

    I see you’ve stuck googly eyes on their kitten.

  20. SandPocket says:

    Oh hai guyz

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