James O’Keefe calls out Donna Brazile on voter fraud

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Is James O’Keefe’s next undercover video about to expose Democratic voter fraud? Could be.

O’Keefe just tweeted this tease of his next project, writing that hacks like Donna Brazille and others who claim voter fraud isn’t happening will come to “regret” their words. Get the popcorn:

After this week, you're really going to regret saying this, @donnabrazile pic.twitter.com/Vzr6Bgd99w

— James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 20, 2014

Will O’Keefe deliver? If so, they’ll be a ton of regret to go around:

Nonpartisan GAO Study: There is Basically No Voter Fraud, Despite GOP Claims http://t.co/AmHBhQS2oM (My @Reuters article today)

— Ari Melber (@AriMelber) October 17, 2014

.@ed_kilgore on how the GOP justifies its voter fraud crusade: http://t.co/BaLE04EqOK

— Talking Points Memo (@TPM) October 16, 2014

You're more likely to be hit by lightning than run into voter fraud. CBS provides false balance on the topic anyway: http://t.co/mTYwtbCH3z

— Media Matters (@mmfa) October 14, 2014

What CBS Evening News report on voter ID laws didn't include: There is virtually no in-person voter fraud. http://t.co/6cZhSB8g55

— Media Matters (@mmfa) October 14, 2014

Morning read: Voter ID laws don't prevent fraud, they just make it hard for otherwise eligible people to vote. http://t.co/WZq9NNaWBP

— D Wasserman Schultz (@DWStweets) October 13, 2014

Sen. Bernie Sanders presents the reality." Voter ID laws aren't really intended to discourage FRAUD. They're intended to discourage VOTING"

— Holland Taylor (@HollandTaylor) October 10, 2014

"There is real voter fraud going on in Kansas…Ironically, the perpetrator is #KSSOS Kris Kobach" http://t.co/c1HPsQCvB7 #KSLeg

— KS Democratic Party (@KansasDems) October 10, 2014

Stay tuned…


Get ready, ‘senate candidate’! Who else wants another James O’Keefe election investigation video?



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