Law-breaking biker accosts reporter filming him, gets what he deserves

Reporter Stanley Roberts and a camera crew went down to the Golden Gate Bridge recently to film “People Behaving Badly” — which could be retitled “Drivers Acting Stupid.”

His first instance is a car stopping in the middle of the highway to snap a picture. But what happens next is the crazy thing…

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4 responses to “Law-breaking biker accosts reporter filming him, gets what he deserves”

  1. michada says:

    This is a segment on our news in the Bay Area about “People Behaving Badly”. It’s usually traffic stuff, bike riders being rude, people walking their dogs in places they shouldn’t be, etc, etc. This just exploded because they happened to be filming a righteous buffoon who wanted a fight. Usually it’s just Stanley commenting on bad drivers that drive us all insane.

  2. Tom1969ca says:

    “The point”, MH, is that the guy on the bike felt the need to be all “I’m a rebel and I’m going to show this TV guy how tough I am” and came over and made a big stink about being videotaped (which is perfectly legal because he’s in a public place with no expectation of privacy) – perhaps not realizing that he was in an area that had a lot of security cameras. His harangue apparently went on long enough to attract the attention of other authorities; like the reporter said at the end, if he’d just ridden on nothing would’ve come of it. Instead, he got busted for all the outstanding things the police wanted to talk to him about…

  3. MH says:

    Sorry if I don’t get the spirit of the piece… Sounds like grade school hall monitor or something. What’s the point?

  4. MH says:

    Cuz everyone just loves a rat.

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