No One’s Ever Been Happier Than This Guy Finding Out He’s Going To Be A Dad

This guy just found out hes going to be a dad.

There are few days more important or meaningful in a persons life than the day he or she has a child.

Well, that, and the first day he or she watches The Rock starring Sean Connery wearing a wig and Nicholas Cage back when he was still okay with losing his hair.

And I know youve seen a lot of videos like this, but in these troubling times its OK to just take a second and cry on your Macbook Air (shout out to Macbook Airs!) at a man losing his mind with joy when he finds out hes going to be a dad.

I am not so cynical to not melt when I see something this well, okay, thats probably a lie, asI just watched a video of a baby spooning a hamster and felt the same amount of emotion as I do when I see my salad being made at Sweetgreen (shout out to Sweetgreen!).

But youre not like me, so this video is bound to make your day better.

Tania Perez-Gutierrez gets her husband to come into a room where shes set up an ultrasound photograph, positive pregnancy tests and a baby toy.

She tries to hide at first, but aside from being fertile, Ronald Gutierrez is also very astute and hard to sneak up on. His reaction to the news is amazing.

He keeps shouting NO TE CREO! NO TE CREO! which means I dont believe you! I dont believe you!

Although, in Spanish, it has more of the I cant believe it! vibe. Hes not, um, doubting her. Hes expressing excitement. Oof, I just sucked the air out of the room didnt I?

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