These 100-Year-Old Feminist Cartoons Eerily Predicted Women’s Lives In 2016

American women gained the right to vote less than 100years ago.

The 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote, was ratified in 1920.

Weve seen very slow progress over these past 96 years. First, it took a while for everyone toactually be able to vote, especially African American women. And voter suppression is still an issue today, like in the form of voter ID laws.

But since gaining the right to vote, women have begun to fill the government. Were still far from being fully represented, but its better than the 100 percent of white men we started with.

This year, we have the first ever female presidential nominee for a major party in Hillary Clinton. This is the closest America has ever come to electing a woman for president.

Women had to fight HARD to getthe right to vote.

The womens suffrage movement lasted decades before the 19th Amendment was passed.

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